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I’m not a writer nor claim to be and I also like swearing on occasion, so if my writing style bothers you then move on past this blog! I’ve finally figured out my role to help people so I decided to call myself a “lifestyle coach”. I will share recipes for tasty food, training tips, random thoughts and fight life stuff. Not sure how this will all roll out, but I decided to take action and start somewhere.


I wanted to start sharing some tasty recipes or “formulas” to create different, simple food options. Some formats will be more recipe based with ingredients, amounts, etc and some will be more of an idea to go with, like a formula and cooking in the moment. I personally always hated following recipes for a few reasons…I either didn’t have half the shit they were calling for (or even heard of it before) or I would get A.D.D. partway through and go totally rouge on the recipe. With formulas you can interchange ingredients easily and really personalize your meals as well as learn how to actually cook and use your brain, instead of mindlessly following a recipe.For example if a recipe calls for romaine, tomatoes and mushrooms, but you have iceberg, peppers and cucumbers in the fridge use that instead. This works well especially to sub out things you aren’t particularly fond of (or perhaps allergic to) to really customize your meals. Get creative with the contents of your fridge, it also reduces wastage (learned this from my chef of the year friend Liana Robberecht, she also taught me how to blanche).

Stocking good pantry/dry items and freezer items (like meats, vegetable and fruits) are key to be able to whip up chef creations in no time while having little fresh groceries. I will be posting more life hacks for food prep in the future as well!.So here it goes, my boxer bitch food blog sharing bad ass recipes. Eat clean, fight durty and subscribe to my blog.

Thoughts, Fighting & Fitness

This portion is more sporadic for me as I don’t often feel compelled to write or share stories. My train of thought can be all over the place and by the time I have a chance to write something down, I don’t feel like it anymore. I’ll also use this category to talk about my experiences as an amateur fighter as it’s something that is becoming more popular for females and it’s cool to get different POV’s. I also feel as a fighter it’s also helping me grow and challenge myself as a person, so I have lots of AH-HA moments. I hope that in sharing some of these stories with you all, it can spark your own ah-ha moments. As I start to develop my blog I will be posting more things revolving around fitness like workouts etc. Will also post things more related to nutrition somewhat tying into my food category.